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Advanced Rendering Techniques

Assignment 1 Picture

Run Time: approx 79 seconds (may have been the computer i was doing it on)

Assignment 2 Pictures and Info
Non-AntiAliased Picture

AntiAliased Picture

Scene Info:
Sphere 1:
Color: (0,1,0), kd: .6, ks: .5, ka .6, n: 30
Sphere 2:
Color: (0,0,1), kd: .1, ks: .5, ka: .7, n: 35
Color: (1,0,0), kd: .4, ks: .4, ka: .4, n: 20
Color: (1,1,1), kd: .4, ks: .9, ka: .2, n: 22
Run Time: Approx 82 sec. (Homework 1 was done on my computer at work one morning unfortunately and this was on my desktop) br>

Assignment 3 Pictures and Info
I attempted to use Uniform Spatial Subdivision to Accelerate my Ray Tracer Non Accelerated AA Picture

Run Time: Approx 88 seconds
Accelerated AA Picture

Run Time: approx 130 sec
So yeah. not exactly working as intended. It actually did report a speed up when doing it at 512x512 resolution but apparently when switching to 1024x 1024 I somehow manged to decelerate my ray tracer. Also the glaring fact that accelerated version has some slight differences in the picture. Unfortunately have to turn it in like this to get started on next assignment.
Assignment 4 Pictures and Info

Standard Ray Traced Image 512x512 and then the zoomed area

Standard Ray traced Image at 1024x1024 and then AA down to 512x512 and the zoomed region

RayTraced Images with Adaptive Super Sampling and Zoomed region

Finally here is picture proporitonal to the nnuber on rays per pixel

HW5 Image

Run time = approx 168 seconds (no accel technique) The reflective sphere is the red one, you can see part fo the cow and the plane reflected in it. the reflective Triangle Mesh is the cow and you can see the bunny reflected on the right side of it and also part of the other bunny on the left side i think. The shadowing seems to be working ok except for that small portion on the rabbit's head. pretty sure thats not a shadow but I could be wrong.

Here is the updated picture for homework 5.

HW6 Submission

This is literally the rightest wrong picture i could produce. I honestly don't know where what i'm doing wrong here. I'm pretty sure that I have the right methodology in place. The green sphere is refractive as well as the bunny on the left. There is a red sphere hiding behind the bunny that should be showing up. Run Time: approx 198 seconds.